"Safetybrake" by Mary Lou
From my train window
Earth unfolding around me
In this paradise
More dying trees
I feel this train
about to derail
If we can't slow down
we'll slide of the railway
I wish to pull the safetybrake
Stop before it is too late
Prevent a disaster
But the weels keep spinning faster
I wish to pull the safetybrake
Intervene not hesitate
Vive la vida forever
We act like nothing matters
As I'm moving through
My beautiful life
Which is slipping through my fingers
Like sunlight ( sunlight)
Ahead of me a cloudburst
A landslide in the making
I can't get off this ride I've been taking
Herhaling CHORUS 2x
I'm wondering If
we'll ever find the strenght to change
See we can't keep up this way
This earth,the world that we'll forsake
The source of life will break
I feel the urge to stop this selfish game
How can we allow such shame